Stronger. Safer. Greener.
At AEROTUF, we have developed a reputation for providing the most durable and lightweight ULD solutions.
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ULD costs on the rise?
Discover how AEROTUF can help reduce cost and minimize carbon footprint.
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Start Reducing Food & Material Waste Today with AeroTHERM
What better way to see the amazing cost saving and waste reduction potential than up close for free.
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Keeping it Cool with AeroTHERM
AEROTUF awarded air cargo innovation award runner-up.
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Aviation’s most durable air cargo containers.

Learn how to reduce damage and save cost.

Minimize injury and prevent damage.

Learn how superior composite panels and frameless structure help protect aircraft, personnel and precious cargo.

Lower fuel consumption and minimize carbon footprint.

Learn how innovative & lightweight designs help minimize impact on the environment.

Explore our powerful 360° solutions

Each AEROTUF ULD is designed to be highly resilient and deliver exceptional value, by maximizing strength and minimizing weight, damage & repair.

Our high-quality standards and superior durability help deliver immediate and long-term cost savings. Our innovative spare parts and consignment programs spare parts are always on the shelf, at the lowest price and without any mark-ups.

We guarantee our composite panel materials from defects with the industry’s only 10-year warranty. All other parts are guaranteed for 3 years from defects.

Much more than customer support, AEROTUF is committed to customer excellence and providing the very best customer experience. Before and after you take delivery of your new ULD solution we provide suitable assembly and operational training to ensure you get the value from your investment.

Because we believe in a safer and cleaner sky, our full range of products are 100% recyclable and manufactured within a state of the art facility. Our durable and lightweight designs help reduce carbon footprint on each flight, with less road transportation required for repair.

Discover our ULD universe


The AeroBOX container is the golden standard for durability in the aviation industry.
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The AeroLITE container is 10% lighter than the AeroBOX and focuses on saving weight.
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The AeroTHERM container helps to protect temperature sensitive shipments 25 times better than regular containers.
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The AeroSECURE container helps to protect valuable cargo shipments.
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The AeroPALLET is the industry’s first and only durable and lightweight heavy-duty composite pallet.
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The AeroFRC is the industry’s first and only fire resistant air cargo containers that can contain fires.
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