The Ultimate Lightweight ULD​

Want to reduce the weight of your cargo WITHOUT sacrificing strength or durability?

If so, AeroLITE is perfect for you!

This groundbreaking ULD weighs 10% less than our benchmark AeroBOX container but does NOT compromise at all on quality.

This is the ideal ULD solution for anyone looking to further reduce weight,save extra on fuel costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

With AeroLITE You Get:

Proven Quality & Toughness!

We are committed to supplying the most durable and robust containers that offer the best immediate and long-term cost savings and efficiency value. We design all our ULDs with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure they require fewer repairs and fewer parts than any other ULDs on the market.

Reduced Costs Over the Long Run

Cheaper containers can drain company resources over time, with higher repair volumes, spare parts consumption and less availability to manage operational needs due to higher out of service.

Flying damaged containers back to repair locations also increases fuel cost and carbon footprint.

With AEROTUF, we aim to help you drive down operating costs through high quality, lightweight ULDs and through our customized intelligence which allows you to track ULD performance with our fleet reports. We even highlight opportunities to improve your operations and drive costs even lower.

We also:



To Save Money on Fuel & Repair Costs While Reducing Your Carbon Footprint, Schedule a FREE Consultation Today!

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Only AeroLITE offers:

Our fork-lift defender curtain door is covered for 3 years against fork-lift damage and 5 years for material defects. The biggest source of damage to ULDs is forklifts! And we don’t stop at just the door. Our tough honeycomb ULD panels are covered for 10 years against design and material defects, with everything else covered for 3 years. No one else comes close to matching this warranty!

AEROTUF has been in business over 20 years and has sold more than 44,000 ULDs

Although light, AeroLITE still requires 75% less repairs, per unit per year, over its life … you get less repairs, less cost and more availability with AeroLITE!

When repairs are needed you have faster, cheaper access to parts – we have supply options to suit all your needs

By using AeroLITE you carry less weight and save on fuel costs … plus you also save on repair costs

Because we care, our full range of products are 100% recyclable and manufactured within a state of the art zero landfill facility. On top, our lightweight unique designs help reduce carbon footprint on every flight segment and across the ULD supply chain.

We offer a guaranteed 10-year fixed parts cost and capped annual spend

How We Do It

A critical component of our success is our commitment to research, design,product engineering and innovation.

We are well-known as a leader in ULD innovation – and for good reason. We consistently make the most technologically advanced, durable and lightweight containers and solutions on the market.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with low weight, high strength ULDs that they can use again and again and again over the course of many, many years.

The AeroLITE Advantage

Product Specifications

CAA Taiwan VDR
CAA Taiwan VDR
Certificate of
BASE DIMENSIONS1534 x 1562 mm
60.4 x 61.5 in
1534 x 1562 mm
60.4 x 61.5 in
1534 x 1194 mm
60.4 x 47 in
BASE THICKNESS2.5 mm2.5 mm2.5 mm
HEIGHT1626 mm
64 in
1142.7 mm
45 in
1626 mm
64 in
(121) Ib
59 kg
(130) Ib
47 kg
(104) Ib
(3500) Ib
1134 kg
(2500) Ib
1225 kg
(2700) Ib
4.4 m³
127 ft³
3.6 m³
120 ft³
3.4 m³