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CargoComposites has exceeded my expectations. The lead time for repair parts is outstanding; parts received within days to a couple weeks max compared to other vendors at 4 to 8 weeks. 

Consignment program for supplying parts is excellent. Warranty requests are procured within minutes of the request. Excellent supplier in my opinion.

Freight Manager

Major airline

CargoComposites customer service is excellent they are always happy to help with any query and reply in an excellent manner. The current consignment program we have in place with CargoComposites is a brilliant idea, we work closely with the team and this keeps our stores well stocked and the flow of serviceable units back to the customer. 

Their AKE units are excellent units, they are light weight and all Airlines preferred ULD, they are durable and strong and very easy to use! On a hole CargoComposites have and excellent ULD and an excellent team who are always happy to assist.

Satisfied Repair Station

major airline