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Discover how AEROTUF can help save money and reduce carbon footprint.

Did you know ULDs cost the aviation industry over $300 million each year in repair costs?

Well, it’s true. Making the wrong ULD choice can also contribute hundreds of thousands potentially millions of dollars more!

At AEROTUF, we have developed a reputation for providing minimum weight and maximum strength containers that are durable & robust.

In fact, on average AEROTUF customers experience up to 75% fewer repairs per year compared to other ULDs.

On average, AEROTUF repair ratios are between just 0.3 to 1 repair per ULD per year across the entire life of each container compared to other ULDs and the industry average of 2 to 2.5 repairs per year

In other words, AEROTUF containers are designed to save you money – and that’s not our only advantage. AEROTUF offers a number of other advantages that airlines simply can’t get from other ULD providers.

But before we talk more about the AEROTUF advantages, let us quickly explain who we are.

AEROTUF help airlines reduce ULD cost, save weight and drive efficiencies.

We are focused on creating environmentally friendly, safe and highly resilient ULD solutions.

At our headquarters in Charleston,  we have created an environment that fosters innovation and excellence. It is an environment that is ideal for our commitment to Empowering the Aviation Industry with Stronger, Safer and Greener ULD solutions.

We strive daily:

Now that you know more about us, let’s take a closer look at the advantages you can receive by working with us.

AEROTUF’s many Advantages include:

The Industry’s Best Warranty

Because our ULDs are of such high quality, we are able to offer the industry’s best warranty.

For example, AEROTUF curtain doors are covered for 3 years against fork-lift damage and 5 years for material defects. We all know, the biggest source of damage to ULDs is forklifts!

And we don’t stop at just the door. Our tough honeycomb ULD panels are covered for 10 years against design and material defects, with everything else covered for 3 years … all of this makes AEROTUF the safe choice!

Repair Savings

AEROTUF doesn’t just save you money through fewer repairs we also offer a Price Lock Program that allows you to lock in an annual spare parts cost per ULD via a fixed per unit per month fee.

This program guarantees you a specific parts cost, eliminating  mark-up on spare parts other manufacturers apply, by as much as 300% to 400%!

And that’s not all. We also offer a Parts Consignment Program that takes the hassles and frustrations out of ordering and managing ULD repair parts.

With our Parts Consignment Program, AEROTUF keeps repair turn-around times low and ULDs flying by forecasting spare part needs and guaranteeing the right parts are on the shelf at the right place and at the right time.

Here’s how we do it – our proprietary Global Performance Tracking program analyses ULD repair activities and optimizes spare parts inventory in locations around the world.

By doing this, we can ensure that you will have fast, easy access to the parts you need when you need them. And again, there are no price markups, you pay regular on-the-shelf pricing!

That’s right, with AEROTUF you won’t ever have to worry about overpaying for parts!

We cap the annual spare parts spend per container and you can lock in a fixed cost for parts over 10 years, ensuring you get what you need, when you need it and without paying extra for it.

We use predictive modeling to estimate your specific repair needs for the coming year and adjust to that. With just one fixed annual price, you’ll gain full control over your annual ULD operating and repair expenses and avoid spikes.

Our high quality standards and minimized repair rates guarantee maximum durability and tangible cost savings for you! In comparison, buying the least expensive ULD will cost you much more down the road due to higher repair labor, higher spare parts costs and higher fuel consumption!

Customized Intelligence

As part of our fleet optimization program, we record timely data from repair stations around the world to help you optimize your ULD usage and repairs. No one else captures the same level of data … and no one else works as hard to use that data to save you money.

Our quarterly report compares your detailed repair activity versus competitive benchmarks and will highlight opportunities for improvement.

Product Variety

With AEROTUF you can select from the following ULD solutions:

which is designed to offer maximum durability and minimum weight.

this container is 10% lighter than the AeroBOX and focuses on saving more weight, fuel and reducing your carbon footprint without compromising on durability.

this container offers extra protection for temperature sensitive shipments that’s 25 times better than what regular containers offer.

Featuring a frameless design, composite thermally insulative panels and a sealable thermal protective curtain door to help add extra protection to temperature sensitive cargo from extreme heat and cold during transportation.

This is the industry’s first and only robust composite air cargo pallet. It is designed to reduce and in some cases eliminate operational shoring material needed for dense cargo, saving on average over 40 kilos in weight versus any other pallet.

The durable and tough design also helps to significantly reduce damage events saving you both time and money.

The AeroSECURE curtain combined with the AeroBOX container helps to protect valuable cargo shipments. The 13mm thick honeycomb panels, frameless design and lock-protected cut-proof curtain door with military grade zippers seal out weather and help prevent tampering and theft.

Environmental Benefits

Our full range of ULDs is 100% recyclable and manufactured within a state of the art zero landfill facility.

Plus, our unique, lightweight designs help reduce your carbon footprint on every flight segment and across the ULD supply chain.

Unmatched Customer Service

At AEROTUF everything begins with you, our partner. Your satisfaction is our duty, priority and our biggest reward.

Here’s what that means for you: Through our discovery process we first understand your needs, requirements and concerns when it comes to using ULDs in your environment and we work closely with you to ensure you get the solutions you need to solve your problems and help grow your business.

When you choose AEROTUF as your ULD provider, you are selecting a business partner that is dedicated to meeting your needs and providing you with superior service. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Put the AEROTUF Advantages to Work for Your Business

At AEROTUF , we believe ULDs should be Strong, Safe and Green.

We also believe in reducing immediate and long-term costs and empowering the ULD supply chain and Aviation Industry. We are only interested in creating solutions that benefit you and your partners, users and contribute to the environment.

And that’s what we do. Our ULDs help to reduce damage events and lower your immediate and long-term costs.

By reducing damage events and cost, we help support growth through increased utilization, while reducing carbon footprint and creating a Stronger, Safer and Greener Aviation Industry.

Only with AEROTUF do you get:

To learn much more about the advantages of working with AEROTUF and how we can help your business cut costs and improve the quality of your ULD supply chain, schedule a free consultation with us today!

One of our ULD experts would love to discuss your needs and requirements to gain a better understanding of how AEROTUF can help you.

To schedule a free consultation today, click the button below. We look forward to hearing from you… and to helping you get the ULDs that deliver immediate and long-term savings!

Key Statistics

*see warranty for details

**data from over 34,000 units in service