Ensure Your Valuable Cargo is Protected With AeroSECURE!

Ever heard of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ famed “Steel Curtain” defense of the 1970s?

Well, that defense has nothing on the AeroSECURE curtain!

Our curtain is lock-protected and cut-proof with military-grade zippers to seal out weather and prevent tampering and theft!

You can rest assured that your valuable goods are protected with AeroSECURE!

How It Works

To protect your cargo, we’ve combined our industry-leading ULD, the AeroBOX, with our proprietary AeroSECURE curtain.

Now your goods will be protected by 13mm or 18mm thick honeycomb panels AND a lock-protected, cut and tamper proof curtain door.

The AeroSECURE also boasts:

  • The Industry’s Best Warranty – the curtain door is covered for 3 years against fork-lift damage and 5 years for material defects. Panels are covered for 10 years against design and material defects, with everything else covered for 3 years!
  • High quality construction and two repair programs that ensure you save money on repair costs
  • Customized intelligence that details repair activity versus competitive benchmarks and highlights opportunities for improvement
  • 100% recyclable construction – plus, AeroBOX is manufactured within a state of the art zero landfill facility
  • A lightweight design that helps reduce your carbon footprint on every flight and across the ULD supply chain

At AEROTUF we have made it our mission to supply customers with the most durable and robust container solutions on the market, guaranteed.

Our ULD’s composite honeycomb panels and frameless designs eliminate the need for damage-prone post and beam construction, making our containers tough, yet lightweight, and more environmentally friendly than any other containers.

You Need AeroSECURE …

Because Air Cargo Theft is on the Rise!

Air Cargo Eye reports that air cargo thefts were up 10% in 2018 and that in 2017 there were 2,880 reported cargo theft incidents resulting in losses of over $105 million.

Here are two examples of air cargo theft in 2017, according to Air Cargo Eye:

“In February, thieves escaped with rare 15th and 16th century antique books valued at more than $2.3million after breaking into a facility at London’s Heathrow Airport. The books were waiting to be airfreighted to the USA.”

“In another major cargo theft incident from last year, another crime at an airport location saw thieves masquerading as police officers whilst using what were reported as ‘police vehicles’ intercepting a cargo of $1.7million of banknotes shortly after it arrived on a flight at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport last March.”

Insurance and risk management provider TT Club recently called cargo theft “one of the most significant causes of disruption in the supply chain and claims cost to the business.”

Here’s one more alarming statistic: Incident Information Service (IIS) of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), says incidents of cargo crime in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region (EMEA) have soared and are now averaging five incidents per day that are worth nearly $8 million in losses.

And it’s not just electronics and valuable items that are being stolen, the food and beverage as well as household products industries are also seeing increased cargo thefts. 

Reduce Your Risk of Theft with AeroSECURE!

You get the added protection of our cut-proof curtain door with military grade zippers….

So What Are You Waiting For Start Saving With AeroSECURE Today!

Not only will you save through reduced theft – but our high quality ULDs also require fewer repairs … and when repairs are needed we help you save money through our cost-saving programs.

Our Price Lock Program guarantees you a specific parts cost and eliminates unnecessary mark-ups.

Other manufacturers supply cheap containers and mark-up spare parts by as much as 300% to 400%!

Our Parts Consignment Program keeps repair times low and ULDs flying by forecasting spare part needs and guaranteeing the right parts are on the shelf at the right place at the right time. That’s right, with AEROTUF you won’t ever have to worry about overpaying for parts!

Click on the button below to schedule a free consultation and learn much more about how AEROTUF can help you securely transport valuable cargo.

You Can Also Schedule a FREE Trial of AeroSECURE!

Now is your chance to try AEROTUF’s leading AeroSECURE ULD for FREE! All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is contact us today. Click the button below to schedule your FREE AeroSECURE test flight.

  • We’ll arrange a free consultation to quickly discuss your ULD needs,current challenges and identify your key ULD objectives for the future
  • Then we’ll deliver your free trial of our AeroSECURE to your designated location. We’ll also provide assembly training, certification and operational user training prior to launch
  • We will then track, evaluate, record and share your ULD performance to help you prove the business case to higher-ups, if needed
  • All that is left is for you to save on repair costs, fuel costs and to immediately begin to help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint thanks to our AeroBOX!


  • 13mm honeycomb panels
  • 18mm lower outboard panels
  • Fork-lift defender 6 strap door
  • AeroSECURE lockable curtain
  • Soft top AKH door
  • Seat track attachment points
  • Aluminum base grade 7021
  • ODLN Label
  • TSO & ETSO Approved


  • 18mm honeycomb panels
  • Bottom bar door
  • Hard top AKH door
  • Aft stiffeners
  • Outboard shelves
  • Large document pouch
  • Base: 2.5 mm, 2.7 mm or 2.8mm
  • Additional attachment points

The AeroSECURE Advantage

  • Proven over the last 15 years with more than 40,000 units sold
  • 10 year warranty, backed by the industry’s best warranty
  • Less repairs, typically less than 0.5 repairs per unit per year, over its life
  • More availability, less repairs = less ULDs needed = less annual capital cost
  • Less cost, faster repair processes help reduce cost and turn times
  • Less fuel and Co2, less repairs = less damaged ULDs repatriated for repair
  • Faster parts, with supply options to suit all customer’s needs
  • Fixed parts cost, with a guaranteed 10 year fixed parts cost
  • Best in class, total cost of ownership over the life of the container
  • Free Trial, experience the AeroSECURE advantage with our free 12 month trial

Product Specifications

CAA Taiwan VDR
CAA Taiwan VDR
FAA & EASACertificate of
Certificate of
CLASSNAS 36102K4C2L2Cn/an/a
BASE DIMENSIONS1534 x 1562 mm
60.4 x 61.5 in
1534 x 1562 mm
60.4 x 61.5 in
1534 x 3175 mm
60.4 x 125 in
1534 x 1194 mm
60.4 x 47 in
1534 x 2438 mm
60.4 x 96 in
BASE THICKNESS2.5 mm2.5 mm2.8mm2.5 mm2.7 mm
HEIGHT1626 mm
64 in
1142.7 mm
45 in
1626 mm
64 in
1626 mm
64 in
1626 mm
64 in
(135) Ib
65 kg
(143) Ib
140 kg
(308) Ib
52 kg
(114) Ib
91 kg
(200) Ib
(3500) Ib
1134 kg
(2500) Ib
3175 kg
(7000) Ib
1225 kg
(2700) Ib
1588 kg
(3500) Ib
4.4 m³
127 ft³
3.6 m³
314 ft³
8.9 m³
120 ft³
3.4 m³
251 ft³
7.1 m³