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Because, quite simply, we are confident that you will fall in love with the durability and cost-savings offered with our ULDs

Only AEROTUF’s ULDs (like the AeroBOX) offer:

A 10-Year Industry Leading Warranty

At AEROTUF we have made it our mission to supply customers with the most durable and robust container solutions on the market, guaranteed.

Our ULD’s composite honeycomb panels and frameless designs eliminate the need for damage-prone post and beam construction, making our containers tough, yet lightweight, and more environmentally friendly than any other containers.

Repair Savings

Our Price Lock Program guarantees you a specific parts cost each year and eliminates unnecessary mark-ups. Other manufacturers supply cheap containers and mark-up spare parts by as much as 300% to 400%!

Our Parts Consignment Program keeps repair turn-around times low and ULDs flying by forecasting spare part needs and guaranteeing the right parts are on the shelf at the right place at the right time.

That’s right, with AEROTUF you won’t ever have to worry about overpaying for parts or waiting for them to be delivered!

Customized Intelligence

As part of our fleet optimization program, we record timely data from repair stations around the world to help you optimize your ULD usage and repairs.

Our quarterly report compares your detailed repair activity versus competitive benchmarks and will highlight opportunities for improvement.

Product Variety

In addition to the AeroBox, we also offer:

This container is 10% lighter than the AeroBOX and focuses on saving more weight, fuel and reducing your carbon footprint without compromising on durability.

This container offers extra protection for temperature sensitive shipments that’s 25 times better than what regular containers offer. 

Featuring a frameless design, composite thermally insulative panels and a sealable thermal protective curtain door to help add extra protection to temperature sensitive cargo from extreme heat and cold during transportation.

This is the industry’s first and only robust composite air cargo pallet. It is designed to reduce and in some cases eliminate operational shoring material needed for dense cargo, saving on average over 40 kilos in weight versus any other pallet.

The durable and tough design also helps to significantly reduce damage events saving you both time and money.

The AeroSECURE curtain combined with the AeroBOX container helps to protect valuable cargo shipments. The 13mm thick honeycomb panels, frameless design and lock-protected cut-proof curtain door with military grade zippers seal out weather and help prevent tampering and theft.

The AeroFRC is a composite fire-resistant air cargo container that can contain a Class A fire. The composite design enables the AeroFRC to be tough and meet industry requirements, whilst remaining lightweight and easy to use.

Environmental Benefits

Our full range of ULDs is 100% recyclable and manufactured within a state of the art zero landfill facility. Plus, our unique, lightweight designs help reduce your carbon footprint on every flight segment and across the ULD supply chain.

Unmatched Customer Service

At AEROTUF everything begins with you, our partner. Your satisfaction is our duty, priority and our biggest reward.

Here’s what that means for you: Through our discovery process we first understand your needs, requirements and concerns when it comes to using ULDs in your environment and we work closely with you to ensure you get the solutions you need to solve your problems and help grow your business.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word About All of This – Try  AeroBOX for FREE And See for Yourself!

The sad truth is while ULDs make up a large part of day-to-day airline operations they are often an afterthought for most airline officials.

But they shouldn’t be! Making the right ULD decisions can help you cut costs, increase revenue and dramatically improve your carbon footprint … both very sought after things in today’s marketplace.

Right now, the IATA reports that there are 900,000 ULDs in service and that they have a replacement value of more than $1 billion.

As you can imagine with containers that are constantly being loaded and unloaded and lifted and sat down by fork-lifts, the biggest cost when it comes to ULDs are repair costs.

At AEROTUF, our containers require 75% less repairs than our competitors’ ULDs!

And we don’t just save you money through fewer repairs, we also offer, as mentioned previously, price lock and parts consignment programs that save you money when repairs are needed.

The competition likes to deliver cheaply made ULDs for a cheap price and then overcharge you on spares for all the repairs.

You end up paying much more for that “cheap” ULD due to higher repair labor, higher spare parts costs and higher fuel consumption due to the weight of the ULD than you would if you had purchased an Aerotuf ULD to begin with.

We save you on repair costs AND fuel costs with our lightweight, maximum strength ULDs!

5 More Reasons to Use AEROTUF ULDs

Not only will you save through reduced theft – but our high quality ULDs also require fewer repairs … and when repairs are needed we help you save money through our cost-saving programs.

1. We Value Your Business

This means you can count on us to treat you with the respect you deserve. You can also count on us to provide you with the ULDs you need quickly, safely and affordably.

2. Commitment to Excellence

We understand the importance of great service and strive to exceed your expectations in every part of our business. That’s why we offer: a 10-year warranty, unmatched customer support and experienced, knowledgeable ULD experts.

3. Affordability

Providing highest quality ULDs with value is the heart of our business model. We also protect you from marked-up parts costs so common with our competitors.d experienced, knowledgeable ULD experts.

4. Cutting Edge Technology

At AEROTUF, we also understand the benefits technological advances offer and we strive to pass them on to our customers whenever possible. We are always looking to make things easier and more convenient for you. That’s why we track, record, evaluate and share the performance of your ULD.

5. You Stay Informed

We don’t keep you in the dark, leaving you to wonder just how effective your ULD is. We keep you in the loop through our quarterly reports that help you optimize your ULD usage and repairs.

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