AeroTHERM: How It Works

Dusty hot winds and solar radiation can cause fresh food to spoil, or freezing sub-zero temps could render important pharmaceutical supplies unviable. But imagine your goods could be transported across the globe without getting affected by cold or heat. With AEROTUF’s innovative range of AeroTHERM containers, a perishable-protective Unit Load Device (ULD)  that shields temperature-sensitive products from exposure, your goods can be transported safely and securely to their destination. 

State-of-the-art Honeycomb Panels 

The highly durable composite honeycomb panels help protect its contents from extreme heat and cold, keeping the structure strong and damage-resistant, yet remaining lightweight.

This unique honeycomb design is thermally insulated and acts as a barrier between the internal goods and the outside world, ensuring a safe delivery. The AeroTHERM is therefore ideal for the transportation of food products, pharmaceutical supplies or any other products that require extra temperature protection to ensure their usability and maintain their integrity. 

Patented Sealable Curtain Door

The AeroTHERM container has a patented sealable curtain door that is thermally-protective to shield cargo from any changes in temperature or humidity. The innovative thermal insulation panels and curtain door also eliminate the need for ancillary items, such as thermal blankets or gel pads, saving our partners thousands of dollars in additional equipment investment.

ULD curtain aerotuf

Unique Frameless Design

Our AeroTHERM ULD is completely frameless, creating a complete seal which provides protection against water, dust, sand, pollen and more. The lack of solid beams and small crevices make sure nothing can get caught in small gaps and no water can seep inside. This frameless design also eliminates the need for pillar and beam construction, allowing for up to 75% less repairs per unit per year than other containers. Less cost time spent on repairs, coupled with more protection for your goods – a win-win all around. 

AeroTHERM Unit load device

The Safe and Green Transport Solution

AEROTUF’s AeroTHERM solution offers 25x more protection than regular cargo containers and is the most efficient and safe way to transport your perishables around the globe. The secure, frameless design, composite thermally-insulated honeycomb panels and patented sealable thermal protective curtain door combine to protect cargo from heat, humidity and cold. The AeroTHERM ULDs are also sustainable and cost-effective thanks to the high quality lightweight materials used. 

Do you want to transport your perishables in a safer, stronger and cleaner way? AEROTUF is the answer for a cleaner and greener sky. Get in touch with us here to request a demo of our AeroTHERM solution.