A review of the ‘GCCA COVID-19 Business Impact Survey 2020’

The Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) hopes their most recent report will be able to assist those in Cool Chain Supply, to “plan for future operational changes and be prepared for future operational changes, and be prepared for other crises that may crop up.” (J. Troendle, Director of Market Intelligence and Research at the Global Cold Chain Alliance and author of the Report)

What have we learnt?
This study demonstrates that within Cool Chain Supply, “anticipated business operations and revenue projections have changed due to the pandemic. When asked about actual Q1/Q2 revenue versus Q1/Q2 pre-crisis revenue expectations, 54% of all respondents reported some type of a decrease”. Not only does this highlight the ever changing market we are operating in, it brings the necessity for refreshed approaches with strategic supply chain partners to the fore.

Additionally, this report indicates that over 25% of respondents believed that the range of Value Added Services offered to their business operations would increase as a result of the pandemic. This clearly supports the dynamism we now require from our supply chain partners, and that collaboration, bespoke solutions, customer service level and innovation will be pillars of the future.

If this weren’t enough to be aware of, “approximately 80% of respondents indicated an increase in [business] costs, with the most common uptick between 1-5% increase”. This means, now more than ever, we must make wise investments for cost efficient solutions within our business strategies.

Finally, when asked ‘how do you believe the pandemic will change trends in the cold chain industry relative to pre-COVID operations?’, almost half (47%) of respondents believed diversification of temperature-related products in the food industry would increase. Staggering figures and invaluable insight.

How can we help?
We cannot claim to have known how the Cool Chain landscape would have changed, none of us saw the introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic coming. Yet, we can confidently say that AEROTUF have been operating with a performance driven and innovative lens for many years. The result of which, is a pre-existing solution to the current reported observations, as demonstrated in the GCCA Cold Chain Business Impact Survey 2020.

The Solution: AeroTHERM 
Our lead Performance Driven ULD is the award winning AeroTHERM, which features a tough, composite, frameless structure which has been manufactured with integral insulation. This means the AeroTHERM has the capability to protect perishable and time-critical products from extreme temperatures whilst in transit.

Here we respond to the reported statistics within the GCCA Cold Chain Business Impact Survey 2020, and offer up a commercial solution for sustainable business strategy.

Observed Problem: Revenue is down, costs are up
AeroTHERM Solution: Due to the integral insulation in the AeroTHERM’s design structure, there is no need for additional ancillary items such as thermal blankets and where possible, reducing cooling materials such as ice packs and dry ice. Not only does this feature boost the sustainability credential of its users significantly, it streamlines preparations for perishable shipments, simplifying operations and reducing direct and total costs.

Observed ProblemSupply Chain requires more Value Added Services
AeroTHERM Solution: Not only can the AeroTHERM introduce a dynamic and reliable link to your Cool Chain supply structure, it can also become a source of revenue generation. Diverse in application (as explained below), not only does a Performance Driven ULD satisfy specialized conditions, it often has the capability to generate revenue for Airlines, Poolers and 3PL’s, who can capitalize on them as part of an enhanced product offerings portfolio

Observed ProblemDiversification for Temperature Protection Products
AeroTHERM Solution:As well as being available in a variety of sizes, our AeroTHERM’s tough and lightweight versatility means it can be repositioned as a regular ULD with standard cargo, such as baggage, when not in use for specialised transit. Not only is the AeroTHERM a weight-saving solution due to its light composition, it also requires less maintenance than standard solutions. Tough and reusable, AeroTHERM containers bring value and efficiency, which allow them to be used time and time again with no compromise on the quality. More time in the sky, whilst saving you both time and money as we build a cost-efficient and cleaner future

In Summary

As the data clearly shows, revenue is down across the market, the need for value-led solutions is growing, business costs are running high and diversification of temperature-related products in the food industry is set to increase. The AeroTHERM is here to help. Now more than ever, we must establish dependable and reliable partners, which will move forward in the market with you, who will contributing to your growth and enhance your sustainability efforts and business efficiencies. If you would like to discuss these benefits with AEROTHERM, please contact us on our LinkedIn AEROTUF page, or on our website here.