AeroPALLET – A Deep Dive into Environmental Longevity: Part Two

In Part One of this series we discussed how our entire industry can work together to achieve the goals laid out by Fly Net Zero and that innovations can be made by the whole aviation industry. Today we’ll cover an ideal product example of indirect innovation which can support this agenda, how it operates and why it can be an important step forward.



Let’s talk about the AeroPALLET, just one of AEROTUF’s solutions which contributes to the reduction of our industry’s carbon footprint through innovation, and we’ll tell you how.

AeroPALLET is the industry’s first and only robust composite pallet and due to the 3D-nature of its construction, the standard PMC size is 8x stiffer and more rugged than alternative solutions and virtually eradicates delamination issues. Even when taking on the most serious weight challenges airline cargo operations may throw at it, the AeroPALLET will stand up and be counted. The AeroPALLET is also tailorable and scalable to your operations, so if an operation ships much heavier cargo, AeroPALLET can be manufactured to be even stiffer. We are happy to hold discussions to establish the exact requirements for your cargo. Let’s get into the technicalities…

What does this all mean for Fly Net Zero?

All of the AeroPALLET’s durable and robust traits enable the reduction or even elimination of operational shoring materials. This means a 40kg+ reduction in weight compared to standard pallets.

Less weight means reduced handling costs, fuel consumption and carbon footprint. Working towards Fly Net Zero in an innovative and clear way.

It really is that simple, we believe in a safer, cleaner sky and we are so proud that the AeroPALLET delivers on this vision. Oh we almost forgot to add, it is also 100% recyclable as it can be peeled in post manufacturing in order to achieve this, and is manufactured in a state of the art zero landfill facility. A big green tick. 

If you would like to find out more about AeroPALLET or discuss our innovations and commitment towards a more sustainable aviation industry, please contact us here. Let’s start the conversation TODAY.