AeroTHERM: Latest Trial Fleet Ready for Customers

Throughout AEROTUF’s history, we have been renowned for innovation and product development, operating at the forefront of the market to lead change. The latest fleet of AeroTHERM is no different. AEROTUF are delighted to announce that our latest trial fleet of AeroTHERM, thermally insulated ULD containers, has been produced and is ready for our current and prospective Customers to utilise. 

AeroTHERM thermally insulated containers are part of a range of Performance Driven ULD’s from AEROTUF which are used to protect perishable products from extremes of temperature during transit, ensuring that they maintain premium condition through to their destination. We discussed this ULD innovation with our Head of Commercial Development, Ian Buck.


Buck explains “as with any innovation, especially in such tightly regulated and refined supply chain-focused industries like air-cargo, it is absolutely necessary for airlines, pooling agents and 3PL’s to trial enhancements such as these, to prove their business case and demonstrate their true value to their market.” 

Here at AEROTUF we recognise this necessity and in response to this, we have produced a wider trial fleet of AeroTHERM containers which our current and prospective Customers can access quickly. 

So what does utilising the trial look like? A successful trial period would last around 6486 weeks, with clearly defined expected outcomes and acceptance criteria, which is developed on a partnership basis at the outset. “AEROTUF works with airlines, pooling agents or 3PL’s to demonstrate how the adoption of AeroTHERM containers, as part of a wider cargo strategy, can make a perishable service offering more attractive to their customers.” Buck, who also has 24 years’ experience in providing temperature management solutions, goes on to explain that “it is crucial to show how, in an operational environment, AeroTHERM simplifies cargo handling without the need for expensive, active temperature controlled containers, thermal blankets or ancillary cooling materials whilst providing quantitative data to illustrate their thermal performance.” AEROTUF are proud to be part of removing these expensive elements, which can, in turn, reduce costs by thousands of dollars in additional equipment, handling time, material and food waste out of supply chains, as well as reducing carbon footprints. 


Buck concludes, “pace is key. A lot of damage has been done to air-cargo volumes throughout the COVID19 period, and as a result there has never been a more important time to get on with the business of sustainable growth, and fast!” 

The AeroTHERM trial fleet is available from AEROTUF’s Global headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina. If you would like to get some more insights on the AeroTHERM ULD containers, the fleet and how a potential trial could be structured, CLICK HERE to arrange an exploratory discussion.