AEROTUF: 2019 year in review

2019 was a hugely successful year for AEROTUF.

We started the year by rebranding Cargo Composites to “AEROTUF”. This rebrand has allowed our partners to clearly understand and appreciate our mission and solution value propositions.

Operating in the Aerospace industry, all AEROTUF products are, first and foremost, built tough, built to keep flying and built to last.

In March, our new AeroTHERM temperature protective container was recognized, at the IATA World Cargo Symposium, in Singapore, by securing runner-up for the Air Cargo Innovation Award, together with Air New Zealand, our AeroTHERM launch partner. To find out more about the AeroTHERM, click here.


Since then, AEROTUF secured long term agreements to supply several new AeroTHERM products, most notably the Pegasus ULD for Sonoco ThermoSafe. This passive temperature controlled unit load device  will offer ultimate temperature protection to the pharmaceutical industry.

Key highlights for 2019 also included, Aerotuf supplying Boeing’s EcoDemostrator aircraft with AeroTHERM and delivering 1100+ of its brand new durable and lightweight AKH AeroLITE container. Coupled with its existing AKE AeroLITE orders, this has allowed Aerotuf to enjoy significantly increased output and revenue in 2019 vs. 2018.

Looking to 2020, AEROTUF will continue its focus on the perishables supply chain by delivering three brand new AeroTHERM containers, using patented and industry first foam core materials, further expanding the temperature protective range.


These new AeroTHERM innovations are key to delivering our mission to help Empower the Aviation Industry, with Stronger, Safer & Greener ULD solutions, creating a Safer & Cleaner sky.

For more information about AeroTHERM or other AEROTUF solutions please contact us: