AEROTUF: The Future of Performance Driven ULDs

The Future of Performance Driven ULDs

AEROTUF has been at the forefront of innovative ULD product development for over two decades; delivering quality, sustainability and expertise to create a safer and cleaner sky. 

We’ve dedicated our mission to Empowering the Aviation Industry since 2008, and as the world is emerging into a new post-COVID19 chapter, so are we. Reflecting the increasing technical demands of the air cargo industry, our Performance Driven ULDs are proudly at the core of AEROTUF’s cutting-edge engineering. As we’re always looking to drive the industry forward, we’ve been developing more specialized ULD cargo solutions to reduce waste and simplify the supply chain, in order to safely transport perishable, regular and high value shipments. 

What does ‘Performance Driven ULD’ actually mean?

We are all aware of the importance of the ULD and its integral role in the movement of baggage and cargo. However, when moving away from regular ULD requirements and more towards cargo which calls for specific conditions to be met, a more specialized and sophisticated solution must be introduced to fulfil those particular needs.

Additionally, not only does a Performance Driven ULD satisfy specialized conditions, it often has the capability to generate revenue for Airlines, Poolers and 3PL’s, who can capitalize on them as part of an enhanced product offerings portfolio.

AeroTHERM – A great example of a Performance Driven ULD

Our lead Performance Driven ULD is the award winning AeroTHERM, which features a tough, composite, frameless structure which has been manufactured with integral insulation. This means the AeroTHERM has the capability to protect perishable and time-critical products from extreme temperatures whilst is transit. 

Due to the integral insulation in the AeroTHERM’s design structure, there is no need for additional ancillary items such as thermal blankets and  where possible, reducing cooling materials such as ice packs and dry ice. Not only does this feature boost the sustainability credential of its users significantly, it streamlines preparations for perishable shipments, simplifying operations and reducing direct and total costs. 

As well as being available in a variety of sizes, AeroTHERM’s tough and lightweight versatility means it can be repositioned as a regular ULD with standard cargo, such as baggage, when not in use for specialised transit. Not only is the AeroTHERM a weight-saving solution due to its light composition, it also requires less maintenance than standard solutions. Tough and reusable, AeroTHERM containers bring value and efficiency, which allow them to be used time and time again with no compromise on the quality. More time in the sky, whilst saving you both time and money as we build a cost-efficient and cleaner future.

AeroBox & AeroLITE – More traditional ULD’s, but still Performance Driven 

Our  more traditional and well established AeroBOX and AeroLITE ranges remain integral to our brand as we continue to develop products in response to the cargo sector’s needs. As such, AEROTUF’s goal is to deliver innovative solutions to our customers; our ULDs are not simply a piece of equipment for moving cargo from A to B. Our containers provide value-added solutions to add to airlines’ cargo-operation product offerings and genuinely boost their ability to generate revenue.

Our ground-breaking AeroLITE range offers an alternative lightweight and durable cargo option that can reduce your carbon footprint, without compromising on quality. Weighing in at 10% less than our AeroBOX, AeroLITE brings the sturdy durability of our classic honeycomb AeroBOX products, with fresh efficiency and value. Designed with sustainability in mind, our robust AeroLITE containers offer cost-effective solutions through their hard-wearing materials that require less repairs and come with a 10-year warranty. Our customized intelligence allows you to track repair data and even offer you advice on reducing your repair costs.

Repairs & Sustainability

Here at AEROTUF we believe in solution-driven assets, with ULDs which spend less time being repaired and more time flying. Our high quality AERTOUF ULDs are designed to require fewer repairs and ultimately save you money. We proudly maintain a 75% lower repair rate than other ULDs, and when repairs are needed, we help you save money through cost-saving consignment programs and Price-Lock. ULDs cost the aviation industry an estimated $300 million each year in repair costs. At AEROTUF, we have developed a reputation for providing minimum weight and maximum strength containers that are durable & robust, but if repairs are need, we are here to support.


Here at AEROTUF, Performance Driven ULDs are proudly the core of our strategy and focus, especially as we move forward in the post-COVID19 supply chain management landscape. We are committed to designing and manufacturing leading solutions in the air-cargo market, whilst remaining dynamic and responsive to specialist cargo requirements. We truly believe that our suite of Performance Driven ULDs provide innovative, robust, revenue generating solutions to support the air-freight space, whilst ensuring the fundamental principles of quality and durability remain as the foundation for stronger, safer and greener AEROTUF skies.