AEROTUF: Winners of Freightweek Sustainability Cargo Technology of the Year Award for 2023

We are honoured to announce that AEROTUF have been awarded the Freightweek Sustainability Cargo Technology of the Year Award for 2023 … for the second year running!

This is so satisfying for the AEROTUF team, any time we get recognition for our commitment towards sustainability it means a lot to us. We couldn’t have done it without your votes so a big thank you from us all at AEROTUF!

We always contribute to the Sustainability conversation because we are committed to improving our industry and protecting the environment by reducing our footprint – that is our unwavering commitment.

So why did we win the award?

Award Criteria: Commitment to Sustainability goals:

AEROTUF: The design and innovations of our products always have sustainability in mind. Our AeroTHERM ULD’s for example, with their 31mm structural foam-core panels, minimise the use of thermal blankets. Or our AeroPALLET, minimising operational shoring with its highly durable composite materials. Our innovations work towards a more sustainable industry.


Award Criteria: Improve efficiencies, reduce wastage:

AEROTUF: Damages and repairs are significantly reduced with our products – See the AEROTUF advantage. Basically our ULD’s need up to 75% fewer repairs than other ULD’s. Minimum weight, maximum strength, guaranteed. Additionally, in one customer case study, a roll-out of 50 x AeroTHERM AKE’s would prevent around 39,500kg of single use blankets going to landfill per year!


Award Criteria: Use of Software to reduce negative impacts:

AEROTUF: We extensively use software to create the proposals and designs of our innovations. It enables us the precision to produce the results we do. 


Award Criteria: Global Market:

AEROTUF: Our positive effects can be felt worldwide, our network of partners cover the globe, so our products do too! 


We’d like to thank everyone involved in the Freightweek Awards and all of our partners who voted, we can’t wait to see the innovations the next year brings!