AEROTUF crowned IATA Cargo Innovation Runner-up

AEROTUF secured the IATA Cargo Innovation runner-up spot, beating 53 other entries, on its first ever submission, for the innovative container solution AeroTHERM.
Partnered with Air New Zealand, the AeroTHERM solution is supercharging New Zealand exports by providing extra protection during transportation for temperature sensitive shipments.
The AeroTHERM solution incorporates the durable and robust AeroBOX container, that reduces damage and repair by up to 75%. The thick, yet lightweight, honeycomb panels offer maximum durability, and when coupled with the innovative thermal barrier curtain help protect temperature sensitive shipments up to 25 times better than regular containers.
What really sets AeroTHERM apart is its versatility and ability to transport baggage, cargo and temperature sensitive shipments with none of the drawbacks of other ULDs!
As a result, AeroTHERM is helping Air New Zealand to supercharge its exports, whilst minimizing the use of thermal blankets and other ancillary equipment. So far Air New Zealand have saved over $500k and estimate future savings above $12million…
Special thanks to John Van Gessel (Air New Zealand) and Lucas Peterson (AEROTUF) pictured below, along with the entire Air New Zealand Cargo and AEROTUF teams back home!
AEROTUF mission is to deliver Strong, Safe and Green ULD solutions. We foster innovation, excellence and are committed to Empowering the Aviation Industry, by offering unique 360° solutions;
  • Combining expertize with innovation to satisfy the industry needs of tomorrow.
  • Maximizing quality to generate immediate and long-term cost savings.
  • Adding value to our partners with our unique and agile customer-first solutions that are environmentally friendly, safe and highly resilient ULDs.
We believe in a Safer & Cleaner sky…
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