Is airfreight doing enough?


As more pressure is attributed to the entire logistics sector to improve its environmental impact, the question is, is airfreight doing enough?

Airlines and 3PL’s are under scrutiny to place a higher value on protecting our environment in line with using efficient, sustainable systems while continuing to increase revenue. Measuring carbon emissions is encouraged to ensure that organisations can identify and address improvements that reduce their environmental impact and move towards governmental net-zero targets. 

Here are AEROTUF, we take our participation in reducing the logistics sector carbon footprint seriously.



AeroTHERM allows those shipping perishables by airfreight to greatly reduce the use of coolants and single-use, plastic insulation such as thermal blankets. Due to the highly durable, honeycomb composite panels that are unique to AeroTHERM, perishables are delivered safely and the patented sealable curtain door ensures perishables are thermally protected from changes in temperature or humidity through a Global supply chain.

As items such as coolants and single-use plastic insulation can be reduced or eradicated, AeroTHERM greatly simplifies operations too. The reduction in handling, maintenance and production of these supplementary items contributes to streamlined processes and cost reduction. Ensuring the quality of perishable items is a dynamic process, requiring multiple solutions and AeroTHERM ensures that the integrity of perishables is prioritised. 

Due to their design, AeroTHERM containers weigh much less than their counterparts when cooling materials are removed, reducing fuel consumption through a unique frameless design and composite panels. Further reducing the need for ancillary items, AeroTHERM provides an unparalleled advantage by reducing C02 and fuel costs. With pressure on companies to reduce costs and ensure a sustainable market, enhancing services while keeping operational costs low, there’s no doubt that innovative strategies are required to meet both objectives.



As we move towards green initiatives at the forefront of refining operations across the logistics sector, every aspect of the supply chain will be scrutinised. Ensuring that solutions consider the manufacturing process of ULDs, to being aware of the day-to-day usage and associated costs, to repairs and maintenance, will be vital in evidencing a company’s wider environmental impact. AeroTHERM containers are 100% recyclable and manufactured within a state of the art zero landfill facility, therefore ensuring that the environmental impact of manufacturing AeroTHERM is greatly reduced compared to alternative options. Designed with longevity and toughness in mind, investment in Performance Driven ULDs deliver against the air cargo markets total cost of ownership goals.

Furthermore, with the high quality design and craftmanship behind our ULDs and the 10-year, industry-best warranty featured with AeroTHERM, you can be sure that the premium quality provided by AEROTUF simplifies repairs and spare part inventories, undoubtedly eliminating waste.

With two decades of placing quality, sustainability, and innovation at the forefront of ULD product development, AEROTUF has been a leader in enhancing an airline or 3PL’s mission to reduce carbon emissions, while ensuring the quality management of perishables and reducing costs in an industry that balances functional, simplified systems and efficient operations with the global need to reduce our environmental impact.


Article in response to Air Cargo News | Is the logistics sector doing enough to reduce its carbon footprint?