The market is moving towards efficient aircrafts, so why not make the move to efficient, Performance Driven ULDs?

The market is moving towards efficient aircrafts, so why not make the move to efficient, Performance Driven ULDs to drive growth and improve sustainability credentials? 

This past year we’ve witnessed a rising demand for flexibility in our Performance Driven ULDs, such as the thermally insulated range of AeroTHERM containers. Additionally, there has been a call for greater efficiency and sustainability in technology and functionality. Airlines and 3PL’s need to look for ways generate revenue, through value added services and product enhancements at every step. In order to do this, we’ve had to challenge the paradigms that exist within the industry right now, pushing forward to not only focus on the advancement of the technology itself, but also how to do this in parallel with protecting our environment.

Corporate Sustainability & Market Sustainability

A published environmental strategy sits at the center of most modern companies’ core principles. Moving towards the use of more efficient, Performance Driven ULDs can support this within air-freight by not only reducing the use of ancillary products but by also providing the opportunity to generate revenue with a reusable, robust and dynamic asset. The AeroTHERM has been designed with longevity and toughness in mind, alongside a composition which thermally protects whatever cargo is on board. As we move towards more sustainable solutions, we must also keep in mind the protection of a sustainable market.

Purpose built products like our award winning ULD, AeroTHERM, with it’s thermally insulated, composite, frameless structure, not only reduce general ULD handling costs, they also lower the need for additional resources and greatly reduce the need of single use plastics. All meanwhile offering a premium service for high-risk, high-value stock and perishables. Protecting perishables from extremes of temperature at cross dock points in the supply chain often requires multiple solutions for one application (single use thermal blankets, coolants of varying types and weight), which add cost, weight and complexity to operations which are constantly under pressure to be leaner. At AEROTUF, our innovation strategy has allowed us to address such issues head on, with airlines, 3PL’s and perishable producers seeing the AeroTHERM reducing the need for these ancillaries, and cutting the associated costs, complexity and environmental impact from shipping these goods.

The Reduction of Single Use Plastics

Through 2021 and beyond, reducing the consumption of single use plastics will be high on virtually every company’s agenda. Whilst AEROTUF have been working on sustainable solutions for years already, we believe that we will see a growing uptake of sustainable products at every stage of the supply chain, facilitating the reduction in a company’s carbon and environmental footprint.

With cargo supported by AeroTHERM’s cutting edge, honeycomb insulation design, the requirement for ancillary items such as thermal blankets, ice packs and dry ice has been mitigated. This not only reduces handling, maintenance time, and costs, but will count towards reducing any air-freight and logistic company’s environmental footprint – these small refinements that can go an extremely long way. This advancement of the ULD doesn’t just mirror the evolution of air-freight, but in its multi-functional nature, simplifies air-cargo operations. As a result, our ULDs are helping airlines be more dynamic in the supply chain management of perishables, and drive the evolution this rapidly growing market need. In a market where the drive for cost reduction has seen the adoption of more fuel efficient aircraft, Performance Driven ULDs such as AeroTHERM mirrors this pattern, refining and enhancing freight and cargo operations, whilst being able to deliver a service that is genuinely attractive to perishable producers and consumers.

Would you like to know more about how using AeroTHERM could enhance an airline or 3PL’s perishable strategy and product offering? Please contact us for an informal discussion on how we could work together to make this happen.