AEROTUF presents solution to help reduce food & material waste at ULD Care 2019

On the 17th of September 2019, AEROTUF spoke about their work on helping to reduce food and material waste and empowering the aviation industry with stronger, safer, greener ULD solutions.

Amongst the highlights of the speech, Adam Barrington-Spencer (VP Sales & Marketing) spoke about time-sensitive perishables being one of the fastest growing global trade flows in air cargo, with a 33% growth since 2007, and 6% YoY.




As demand for “farm to table” food grows, so does waste. It is reported that 1/3 of the world’s food is wasted per year at a cost of $1 trillion. Consumers are far more concerned with environmental impacts of production than ever before and it is AEROTUF’s mission to help reduce the amount of food that is lost through the supply chain.




AEROTUF’s state of the art AeroTHERM temperature protective container insulates cargo keeping it cooler. It’s multi-use, reusable, lightweight, and robust construction is designed to eliminate the need for ancillary equipment, such as thermal blankets reducing material waste, save weight and minimize damage. For more information about how AeroTHERM works, head over to this blog post.

The AeroTHERM has been endorsed by Air New Zealand, who since using these innovative temperature protective containers have increased revenue, eliminated the need for most ancillary equipment, reduced handling time, waste, carbon emissions and greatly improved the quality and freshness of perishables preserved.


AeroTHERM Unit load device


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